Ice Age exhibition in British Museum

History is an interesting science for everyone, because who isn’t interested in what happened 10, 20 or 10,000 years ago? Like science and life, the art was definitely different from the art of today what people know. Do you want to travel back in time? Well, it is your time to visit the capital of England, London, and go to the British Museum to see the new Ice Age exhibition.

The sculptures which were created between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago are made from mammoth ivory and reindeer antler. Despite of the exhibited arts are incredibly olds, it seems the talented artists were already beginning to experiment with lights and shapes. Besides the exhibited arts there are modern artists’ works, like Henry Moore, Mondrian and Matisse, because visitors can see the huge difference and development, what occurred the past millennia and understand the artists’ aspiration to represent the connect between the world and people.

Without any doubt you could have a fantastic and unforgettable experience, if you visit the British Museum to see these Ice Age miracles. Just imagine, what a fantastic program travel to one of the most amazing cities of the world, see London’s most famous sights, like the British Museum, where you can see more exhibitions beside the Ice Age program. Do not miss it!

Ice Age exhibition
February 8th – May 26th
British Museum

Ice Age exhibition
Ice Age exhibition in British Museum 2013