Lichtenstein exhibition in London

The capital of England, the wonderful London is very famous about art, culture and fashion. It could be mainstream or pop-art too. Now it’s time to talk about the last, because there is a big boom exhibition in London: Roy Lichtenstein.

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York in 1923. He was one of the most outstanding artists of the American pop-art. Usually he used the style of comic books and adverts in his works. His first masterpiece was the Look Mickey. You can see the characteristic thick contour on this picture, which was characterized Lichtenstein’s works. His most famous picture is the Whaam! which was made in 1963. He died of pneumonia in 1997.

The famous pop-art artist, Roy Lichtenstein’s exhibition is in the Tate Modern between 21 February and 27 May. The Tate Modern is the first institution which made a major exhibition from Lichtensten’s masterpieces. All in all they collected 125 pictures to show the pop-art artist’s work to the audience.

If you like colors, thick contours, the pop-art and the culture, you must see this unforgettable exhibition! The Tate Modern, which is one of the three parts of the Tate Gallery, is on the bank of Thames River, so you can take a pleasant walk near to the River before or after your visit in the Gallery. It could be a perfect weekend program. The Tate Modern opened in 2000 in an old power plant.

Do not miss to see the masterpieces of a genius artist! Have a great time!

Lichtenstein exhibition
Tate Modern
February 21st – May 27th

Lichtenstein exhibition in Tate Modern - London
Lichtenstein exhibition in Tate Modern – London