A Crime exhibition

A Crime exhibitionThere will be a major exhibition on objects of the Police’s Crime Museum shown at the Museum of London. This is the first time the objects of the Crime Museum will be shown in public.

At the exhibition visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the objects that has never been exhibited before. Since the opening of the Police’s Crime Museum in 1875 the museum was only open for police professionals and for invited guests so this is the very first time visitors can have a closer look on the objects. At the exhibition the UK’s most notorious crimes will be shown with evidence including the crimes of Dr Crippen, Krays and so on. The exhibition also will give voice to the people, victims, police officers and perpetrators who will explain the cases of the crimes and they also will explain how the society reacts on crime or when lives are just torn apart. The exhibition The Crime Museum Uncovered will take place at the Museum of London from 9th October 2015 until 10th April 2016. Tickets for adults to the exhibition are £ 12.50.

Museum of London
150 London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN, United Kingdom

For more information on the museum and the exhibition check the official site.

Sherlock Holmes at the Museum of London

Sherlock exhibitionThis exhibition will take place at the Museum of London. The museum studies one of the greatest detectives in the whole world. The exhibition allows the visitors to have a look in the brilliant mind of the world wide known investigator which was created by one of the most famous English writers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Holmes is questionably one of the most famous figures in fiction and the exhibition helps us to find out more about this amusing character. Visitors can analyze the traits that define the detective and to learn more about the character’s life which was born more than 125 years ago.

It seems like Sherlock Holmes became such a strong fictional character that can live and survive through the time and it is re-imagined by generations over and over again, seems that he will be forever stalking, searching and solving the mysteries of England’s streets.

The exhibition can be seen from 17th October 2014 to 12th April 2015. The entrance fee for adults is 12£.

You can read more about the Museum of London here, or if you are a really enthusiastic Sherlock Holmes fan, then you might want to visit the Sherlock Holmes museum as well!

At Home with Queen Elizabeth II

An exhibition currently on display in the Museum of London is named: At home with the Queen. It has been on display since May and can be seen until October 28th, 2012. The goal of the exhibition is to show objects, pictures and similar things that show the affection the people of England have for their beloved queen. According to the official exhibition press release it will “feature Londoners photographed in their own homes with their cherished souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth II. It will show some unique glimpses of Londoners at home with ‘their’ Queen and give a real sense of what the queen means to them. Royal souvenirs dating back to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 from the Museum’s own collections will also be on display.

If you want to know more about Queen Elizabeth II, check out this exhibition, and do not miss out on the exhibition about her in the National Portrait Gallery, at display until October 21st.

At Home with Queen Elizabeth II

May – October 28th, 2012
Museum of London

At home with Queen Elizabeth II

Valentines Day at Museum of London

Pleasure GardenIf you are looking for a special and romantic and nice program for the early evening on Valentines Day, why not visit the Museum of London. They have a program named “Pleasure Garden Ball” going on, and this is the official description of the evening:

“Enjoy a night of dancing, drinking and decadence as we recreate Georgian London’s quintessential pastime – the pleasure garden. Learn to dance with an 18th century girl band, watch risqué poetry and theatrical performances, discover dandy fashion, then design and wear your own alluring masquerade mask. Costumes are encouraged but not required!”

Because of this the museum will close at 6pm and re-open for the evening program at 6.45pm.

Pleasure garden ball
Tue 14 Feb, 6.45-9.45pm
Museum of London

London museums