The history of Sicily

Sicily exhibitionSicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and it has given home to different cultures and civilizations throughout history. Now you can get to know the history of Sicily at a temporary exhibition in the British Museum.

In the period between April 21st and August 14th the exhibition named Sicily: culture and conquest will be shown in one of our favorite museums in London. The island has a special history with a mixture of cultures and people who have been ruling it.

The exhibition will tell the history of Sicily from the arrival of the Greeks and all the way till Norman rule in the 11th-13th century.

The entrance fee to this temporary exhibition in the British Museum is 10 GBP.

Sicily: culture and conquest

British Museum
April 21st – August 14th

If you want to know more about Italy then you can of course travel to Rome and visit on the many museums there for more thorough information than you will get at this exhibition in London. But for more information about London visit all the museums in town and make sure to visit and enjoy all the fantastic activities London has to offer.