Poker Clubs in London

London is a world city with activities for everyone. If you are interested in sky diving you will find clubs and forums for that, if you are into knitting you will also find societies and clubs where you can find people with the same hobby. If you are into poker you will not only find some, but a whole lot of clubs open for people with the same interest and passion: POKER!

Poker Clubs in LondonOne such club is the Fox Poker Club which is located in: 93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue. The club can be found on the West End of London and this is a place poker lovers consider as their second home in London. In Fox Poker club you can find seating for more than 180 persons, there are electronic roulette machine, after game lounge, bar and kitchen, smoking deck and everything you need for a nice poker evening in London.

Another popular poker club in London is the The Western Club. This might be the largest with seating for up to 300 players and covers an area of 11,000 sq. feet. The address of The Western Club is: 620 Western Avenue, London, W3 0TE. In addition to poker you can also play Kalooki, Backgammon, Chess Bridge, Snooker and Pool at The Western Club, and besides playing they also have a restaurant and a bar at the place. New members have to wait 48 hours for their membership to become valid, and a photographic ID is required for the registration.

There are of course many opportunities to sit at home and play poker in front of your computer, but the experience of enjoying a game of poker together with friends at a great club will make the evening even better. We wish you all luck, great fun and hope you will finish your poker night in London with more money than you started it. But, do not forget that poker is not only about winning, but also about have a great deal of fun and meeting up with amazing and interesting people! Enjoy!