Star Wars exhibition

This is a dream exhibition for Star Wars fans in London and Star Wars fans coming to London. It is arranged in the O2 and it is titled: Star Wars Identities – The exhibition.

Maybe you thought that the O2 Arena was about concerts only, but this exhibition will prove that to be wrong. Since November in 2016 the Star Wars Identities exhibition has been on display and it will remain there until September 2017. What can you expect if you decide to come and visit this Star Wars exhibition in London?

At the exhibition you will be able to discover and check out lots of original Star Wars effects that have been used in the different movies. As you discover these you will get a better understanding of what inspired and made the different Star Wars characters what they have become. And in the same question a question is asked back: What forces shape your life? What superhero would you be?
Star Wars Exhibition

In the original description of the exhibition the following challenge is given: “Pick up your lightsaber…your journey into identity awaits!”

Does this sound like an exhibition that you would like to visit? If you are a Star Wars fan this is for sure something for you. Are you just looking for answers related to your own life, then this might help you as well!

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