Vermeer and Music exhibition in National Gallery

If you are interested in dutch art and music then the exhibition named Vermeer and Music in the National Gallery of London will be of interest to you.

This exhibition has been on display since June 26th and will be on display until September 8th. In can be seen in the Sainsbury Wing, but notice that this temporary exhibition has an entrance fee and it is not free as the general objects on display in the gallery are.

The most exceptional with this exhibition is the fact that the paintings “A Young Woman standing at a Virginal” and “A Young Woman seated at a Virginal” are exhibited together with Vermeer’s “Guitar Player.” If you want to see this combination together with lots of other art and instruments on display, you better visit this exhibition while it is still available in London at the National Gallery.

Vermeer and music
Vermeer and music in the National Gallery in London

Vermeer and Music exhibition in National Gallery

June 26th – September 8th
National Gallery