Where can I watch the Hillsong Conference in London live on the Internet?

Hillsong Conference London

Unfortunately I am not be there during the Hillsong Conference in London in 2013, but I was hoping to see it online somehow. Do you know how I can do that?

Tonight is the last evening of the conference, so it might be that you will not get this answer in time. There is no live streaming of the Hillsong conference in London live on the Internet, but there is one way that you might be able to see larger parts of the conference still. There is an Android and Apple Market application named Hillsong Church, and if you download that to your mobile phone or tablet you will be able to watch larger parts of the conference. We tested it ourselves earlier today and it is working. Therefore, head over to Google Play or to the Apple Store, download the Hillsong Church application and you should be able to follow the live stream tonight from your mobile device.

The conference is arranged in the O2 Arena in London, the most popular concert venue in the entire world!

Hillsong Conference London

If you do not have and Android or Apple device, but still would like to see it, there is one way in which you can use Android applications on your computer or on your Macintosh. You can read more about how to use Android apps in Windows in the following article on HowToBlogInfo.

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