Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in London

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in London

Looking for a place to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in London? Here are some suggestions!

At the moment, I do not know of any typical public screening of the FIFA World Cup in London. It would have been tremendous with a giant screen at the Trafalgar square, but that is not going to happen. The main reason is probably the fear of terrorist attacks. In cities such as Brussels and Paris, they have restricted and/or banned all sorts of public screenings. In the recent years, we have seen that any big outdoor event that draws a crowd, also brings forth the bad guys. For that reason, we have also seen that Christmas markets have turned into heavily guarded events, and so also with other outdoor concerts and events.

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in London

If you want to watch the FIFA World Cup in London, our suggestion is therefore that you should visit a pub instead.

London is packed with pubs and sports pubs, so you do not really need any list. You can simply walk around, and you will find bars, pubs, and restaurants showing the World Cup everywhere. This might be true about all matches, but when England will play against Tunisia on June 18th, it will be especially true. The people of England love football, and now they have great expectations for their team. They have had that before as well (and ended up very disappointed), but hopefully, they will perform better this time.

If you look for a good sports bar in the central parts of London (Oxford street area), here are some suggestions:

  • Nordic Bar,
  • Rileys Sports Bar Haymarket,
  • Belushi’s,
  • De Hems,
  • Studio 88
  • The Blue Posts,
  • Brigadiers,
  • The Windmill,

You can also watch the World Cup matches online on BBC/ITV, but it is much funnier to watch them together with local fans in a sports bar.

Have fun, enjoy the World Cup, and do not forget to cheer for England. Cheers!


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