Watching the Cricket World Cup in London

Hello! Since England has gotten such a good start at the Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia and New Zealand, I would really like to follow them in their upcoming matches. How can I watch these in London?

To watch these matches in London should be the simplest thing on earth, especially since the team is doing good and Brits do love cricket. In other words, whatever pub or bar you will find in London will broadcast from the Cricket matches in which England play during the World Cup, so simply go ahead and visit one of the pubs in London, and you will for sure be able to watch the matches. If you want to have the very best atmosphere, then you will probably want to find one of the many sports pubs in London, but they can also be found almost on every single corner of the town, so that should be no problem either.

To help you a bit, here are the dates and times for the upcoming matches in which England will play during the Cricket World Cup 2015 (taken from

England in Cricket World Cup 2015


  • Sun Mar 1, 23:00 CET, Pool A – England v Sri Lanka – Westpac Stadium
  • Mon Mar 9,  04:30 CET, Pool A – England v Bangladesh – Adelaide Oval
  • Fri Mar 13, 04:30 CET, Pool A – Afghanistan v England – Sydney Cricket Ground

Enjoy London and go England! For more information on watching the World Cup online, visit this article.


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