Rembrandt: The Late Works at The National Gallery


This exhibition will take place at The National Gallery in London near to the Trafalgar Square. The museum will focus on Rembrandt late art work such as his paintings, drawings and prints as well.


Rembrandt was a dutch painter and he was born in 1606 and he died in 1669 in the Netherlands. He is one of the most outstanding painters of the 17th century. This exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and the collection has 40 paintings, 20 drawings and 30 prints from his late life work. It is a really unique opportunity to have a look in to his late life and to see the passion and innovation in Rembrandt’s late art work. Between the 1650s and 1669 he tried new techniques, new printing methods and tried to paint traditional subjects in a new exciting way. The pictures on display are the real proof that Rembrandt lived up to his great reputation until the last day of his life.

The exhibition will be shown from 15th October 2014 until 18th January 2015 in the National Gallery in central London. The entrance fee for the exhibition is for free.

For more information on the museum and the exhibitions, read our National Gallery article.

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