Stunning paintings and pastels from Degas [National Gallery exhibition]

Degas from Burrell

Edgar Degas is a famous artist who lived between 1834 and 1917. His full name was Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas, but most people refer to him simply as Degas.

The Burrell Collection in Glasgow, Scotland, holds one of the largest Degas collections in the world. Leaving Scotland for the first time together you can now see a collection of 20 pastels from Degas in this temporary exhibition in the National Gallery in London. Degas liked to experiment, and he fell especially in love with the pastels. For that reason, he stood out amongst the Impressionists, and that is what you can discover for yourself as you visit this exhibition.

Degas from Burrell

Drawn in Colour: Degas from the Burrell

September 20th – May 7th
National Gallery

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