Get to know the Scythians in the British Museum


ScythiansHave you ever heard of the Scythians? Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t. No matter what your answer is, now is the time to discover more about these legendary warriors of the past.

From September 14th till January 14th (in 2018) you should visit the British Museum in London. The museum will then host a temporary exhibition titled “Scythians – warriors of ancient Siberia.” The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. This ancient group of people lived between 900 and 200 BC, and they encountered culutures such as the Greek, the Persian, and the Assyrian culture. But, for a long time their culture has been hidden away.

Based on recent discoveries from ancient tombs we now know much more about the Scythians. At this exhibition you can see clothes and fabrics preserved in permafrost, amazing jewelry, and even mumified warriors and horses. Doesn’t the entire exhibition sound like a treat to you?

Scythians – warriors of ancient Siberia

British Museum
September 14th – January 14th

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