A-Ha concert in London

A-Ha LondonA-Ha is the very popular Norwegian band which has had a great past and now they are about to leave the scene forever. But, they have recently made a new album and on this tour you will probably be able to hear their best songs from the new album and also from former albums.

The A-Ha concert in London will be arranged in the amazing O2 Arena and the concert date is March 26th. The concert will start at 18.00 and tickets for the event can be bought from WorldTicketShop . This is a second-hand store, but it is completely safe and is a brilliant help if you want tickets to concerts which there are no more official tickets.

If you want to lay your hands on the newest A-Ha music then you can buy Cast in Steel from Amazon.com, in addition to lots of other A-Ha albums.

One of the most favorites A-Ha songs is probably The Living Daylights, the theme song for the James Bond film from 1987, which was the first James Bond film with Timothy Dalton playing Mr. Bond. If you want to that film then you can watch this on Amazon.com as well. If you are living outside the USA and want to know more about how to watch Instant Videos and pay for them in Europe, just click the link.

We hope you will enjoy the A-Ha concert in London and if you want more information about attractions, activities, restaurants and transportation in London, just look around here in our London Guide.