Sean Paul concert London 2013

I am sure that most people still remember the famous Jamaican Reggae and Dance Hall artist and DJ, Sean Paul. The music industry revolutionizing Sean Paul was born in 1973 in Kingston. Their parents were both talented swimmer, so it is not surprising that Paul was a successful swimmer and water polo player, moreover, he was a member of his home team.

In 1992 he brought the national flag of his country during the Olympia Opening in Barcelona, as a member of the team. His music career started in the middle of 90s. He was one of those, who made popular and newer the Jamaican music. His worldwide fame has started in 2002, when he released his first LP, the Dutty Rock. There are two million sold copies just in America. Sean Paul made duets with famous stars, such as Beyoncé or Rihanna. His second album released in 2009, it is more emotional than the first, innovative album. Sean Paul is one of the biggest fighters against drugs and violence.

The European fans would be happy, because Sean Paul will visit a few European metropolises within a concert tour, and one state will be the capital of England, London. I am sure, that you would like to make more special the summer of 2013, because of that we offer, you should buy your ticket still today for Sean Paul’s hilarious concert, which will be at 5 June 2013 at the Shepherds Bush Green, London. Have a great time!

Sean Paul concert
June 5th

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Sean Paul London 2013