The Who concerts in London 2013

If you don’t have any plans for travelling in this summer, than we have a great idea for you. The capital of Great Britain, the wonderful London welcomes the tourists in every part of the year with exhibitions, programs and of course with concerts too. London is the city, where the most famous stars have already concerted, and it is not a surprise, because the greatest figures of music life started their careers from England. Including the unforgettable music and concert maker band, The Who.

The Who
The Who London 2013

The Who was formed in 1964 in England. The members were the guitarist Pete Townshend, the singer Roger Daltrey, the bass guitarist John Entwistle and the drummer Keith Moon. Unfortunately, nowadays the band doesn’t work with all the founder members, because John Entwistle and Keith Moon died, but The Who didn’t let that this tragedy cancel the magic what they do on the stage. After their broke up in 1982, the two remaining original member reunited with new members to bring back their overwhelming energy to the stage again.

Now you could be one of the witnesses of this experience, because The Who will concert in this summer in the bigger European cities, including London. Moreover fans could see the veteran rockers three times in the British capital, because The Who’s concerts dates are 15 and 16 June 2013 at the O2 Arena, and 8 July 2013 at the Stadium Way. Choose the best date for you and do not miss one of the greatest parties of this summer! Have fun!

The Who concerts London 2013

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Neil Young concerts in London

The capital of Great Britain, London is that place, what must see at least once in a lifetime. The world’s most famous attractions can be found here, for example the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Tower or the London Eye.

Those, who come here, do not count on palm trees or sandy beaches, because this is the city of culture, fun and history. English people are famous about the special meals and habits, the wonderful museums and galleries where tourists can see unprecedented exhibitions, and hilarious concerts. In this summer those who plan their vacation to London, would have fantastic experiences, because the living legend, Neil Young will concert in the English capital, exactly at 17 June 2013 AND 19 August 2013 at the Peninsula Square.

The rumors are true, Ladies and Gentlemen, Neil Young, the Canadian superstar will concert two times to cheer up the audience in London, moreover at two very different dates, so if you don’t have time to visit England in June, you also have a chance for it in August, at the time of the next concert.

Neil Percival Young was born in 1945 in the Canadian city, Toronto. During his music career he was the member of several bands, the most famous is the Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young). He has been soloist since 1971 with his backing band, the Crazy Horse. His last album is the Psychedelic Pills, released in 2012; people who visit the living legend’s concert would hear songs from this album too in London. Have a great time!

Neil Young concerts in London

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Neil Young in London

Barbra Streisand concerts in London 2013

Who doesn’t know the famous actress-singer, Barbra Streisand? The twice Oscar-winner, three times Golden Globe-winner and multiple Grammy-winner artist is the best-selling female artist in America. Barbra Streisand was born in Brooklyn. She lost her father early, and her mother didn’t support her career as an artist.

Streisand is one of the artists, who won Oscar-Award as an actress and a singer too. I am sure; you would like to hear a legend in live. Here is the time, because the famous singer will visit some European metropolises, including the capital of England, London, during a European concert tour in this summer.

More good news for the English and London visitor fans: Barbra Streisand will have two concerts in the capital of the Island. The London concerts’ dates are 1 and 3 June 2013 at the O2 Arena.

Make unforgettable this summer. Organize a fantastic holiday the capital of England, London. Bring your friends, family or love with yourself. Visit the most famous attractions in London, for example the Buckingham Palace, the Tower or the most famous clock tower of the world, the Big Ben. View the guard changing in front of the Buckingham Palace. Taste the local specialties, like the fish and chips, or drink a jar of delicious English beer. London is the city what must see. And this holiday could be better with the concert of Barbra Streisand at 1 and 3 June 2013 at the O2 Arena, London. Have fun!

Barbra Streisand concert
June 1st and 3rd
O2 Arena

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Barbra Streisand London 2013

Maroon 5 concerts in London 2013

Who doesn’t know the famous Californian band, the Maroon 5’s name? The popular American group was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles, their name were Kara’s Flower. The members are the singer and rhyme guitarist Adam Levine, the solo guitarist and vocalist James Valentine, the keyboarder, rhyme guitarist and vocalist Jesse Carmichael, the bass guitarist Michael Madden and the drummer Matt Flynn.

The band became famous in 2002 when they released the album, Songs About Jane. Since that they released several successful albums, their last work is the Overexposed from 2012. The band will visit Europe this summer, and they will give fantastic concerts to cheer up fans.

One station will be no other, but one of the most famous cities, London. Moreover English or visitor fans could enjoy the Maroon 5’s music live more than one time, because the band will have two parties here. The dates are 23 and 24 June 2013 at the O2 Arena.

The O2 Arena is one of the most important stadiums of the English capital. It opened a short time ago in 2007. Its capacity is 23,000 people.

Do not miss one of the best parties in London. Buy your ticket now for the Maroon 5’s hilarious concert and have a great time for it! Have fun!

Maroon 5 concert
O2 Arena
June 23rd and 24th

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Maroon 5 London 2013

Sean Paul concert London 2013

I am sure that most people still remember the famous Jamaican Reggae and Dance Hall artist and DJ, Sean Paul. The music industry revolutionizing Sean Paul was born in 1973 in Kingston. Their parents were both talented swimmer, so it is not surprising that Paul was a successful swimmer and water polo player, moreover, he was a member of his home team.

In 1992 he brought the national flag of his country during the Olympia Opening in Barcelona, as a member of the team. His music career started in the middle of 90s. He was one of those, who made popular and newer the Jamaican music. His worldwide fame has started in 2002, when he released his first LP, the Dutty Rock. There are two million sold copies just in America. Sean Paul made duets with famous stars, such as Beyoncé or Rihanna. His second album released in 2009, it is more emotional than the first, innovative album. Sean Paul is one of the biggest fighters against drugs and violence.

The European fans would be happy, because Sean Paul will visit a few European metropolises within a concert tour, and one state will be the capital of England, London. I am sure, that you would like to make more special the summer of 2013, because of that we offer, you should buy your ticket still today for Sean Paul’s hilarious concert, which will be at 5 June 2013 at the Shepherds Bush Green, London. Have a great time!

Sean Paul concert
June 5th

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Sean Paul London 2013