Santana concert in London 2013

Carlos Augusto Alves Santana was born in Mexico, 20 July 1947. He was a fifteen years old teenager when he started to play on guitar with serious plans, and the whole world would say thank you for it.

The greatest influence in his music is the Latin culture. The family moved to the United States’ West Coast to California, where the dreams born and become true, inside the station, to San Francisco. Still in this year he became a member of the Azteca band. The success wasn’t pending for it too much time, because the end of the 60s, he became famous with his band, the Santana Blues Band. The Latin music’s most known man, who shakes his music with rock music too, played in front of 300 thousand people already two times, he released lauds of EPs and LPs and live albums in his almost 50 years career.

Those, who want to see the living legend’s concert, don’t have to do other, but visit to England’s wonderful capital, London, where Santana will dazzle his fans with a hilarious concert at 19 July 2013 at the Wembley Stadium.
Organize an amazing holiday to one of the most famous cities in Europe, London with your friends, family or love! Visit the local attractions, for example the Tower, the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye or the famous clock tower, the Big Ben. And after you see everything, as the top of your holiday dance through the night at Santana’s concert at 19 july 2013 at the Wembley Stadium. Have fun!

Santana London 2013

Santana concert
July 19th
Wembley Stadium

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The Who concerts in London 2013

If you don’t have any plans for travelling in this summer, than we have a great idea for you. The capital of Great Britain, the wonderful London welcomes the tourists in every part of the year with exhibitions, programs and of course with concerts too. London is the city, where the most famous stars have already concerted, and it is not a surprise, because the greatest figures of music life started their careers from England. Including the unforgettable music and concert maker band, The Who.

The Who
The Who London 2013

The Who was formed in 1964 in England. The members were the guitarist Pete Townshend, the singer Roger Daltrey, the bass guitarist John Entwistle and the drummer Keith Moon. Unfortunately, nowadays the band doesn’t work with all the founder members, because John Entwistle and Keith Moon died, but The Who didn’t let that this tragedy cancel the magic what they do on the stage. After their broke up in 1982, the two remaining original member reunited with new members to bring back their overwhelming energy to the stage again.

Now you could be one of the witnesses of this experience, because The Who will concert in this summer in the bigger European cities, including London. Moreover fans could see the veteran rockers three times in the British capital, because The Who’s concerts dates are 15 and 16 June 2013 at the O2 Arena, and 8 July 2013 at the Stadium Way. Choose the best date for you and do not miss one of the greatest parties of this summer! Have fun!

The Who concerts London 2013

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Michael Bublé in London

“I just love getting in front of people,” he says. “It’s so important to be in touch with your audience. They’ve paid their money. I want them to be entertained. If they want to cry or laugh or dance or sing or yell, they can do whatever they want. My responsibility is just to take them away.” Michael Bublé.

The Canadian Musician was born in New Colombia, in 1975. He came from a fisher family, from Vancouver. His first album, Michael Bublé product huge successes in the top lists in the US, in Canada, in Australia and was at the Top 10 in The Great Britian. His concert DVD from 2004, the Come, Fly with Me was at the Bilboard Music Video Charts’ list, and at the Australian Top 40 list.

The Mack the Knife song made Michael Bublé a famous singer, which he sang for the past Canadian presidents (Brian Mulroneys) daughter, in Caroline’s wedding in 2000. His fame has just grown bigger since then.

In 2001 Michael Bublé tried to be an actor, and he played some smaller or bigger roles, but he is a better a singer.

And now, he’s coming to conjure a smile to their fans’ face with his beautiful songs. The place of the concerts will be The O2 Arena in London, and the mood will be definitely fantastic. Everybody, who can, let’s go and see one of Michael Bublé’s amazing concerts, and enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Michael Bublé concerts in London

30 June 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
1 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
3 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
4 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
5 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
7 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
8 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
10 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
12 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.
13 July 2013 in The O2 Arena, London.

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Michael Buble concerts in London 2013
Michael Buble concerts in London 2013

Hillsong Conference London 2013

The annual Hillsong conference is back in London again after having to arrange it in Netherlands last year due to the Olympics. If you want to be there, you better mark the dates in your schedule already; July 24th-July 26th.

The annual Hillsong conference in London will be arranged in the O2 Arena. This is a fantastic venue which is packed of worshipers who come together to sing worship, to learn new stuff and to meet up with their best friends. During these conferences there are also special leadership classes and lots of great artists and teachers coming by. In 2013 you can for example listen to Chris Tomlin as he leads worship and listen to the teachings of Judah Smith from The City Church and Louie Giglio from Passion City Church. The price of the conference for an adult is £110.

This will for sure be one of the best events and for sure one that has a purpose and something to give to the people in this world, so check it out if you have the time and chance!

Chris Tomlin to perform at Hillsong conference in London 2013
Chris Tomlin to perform at Hillsong conference in London 2013

There are so many things to learn about leadership, and during these conference you will get many advices and help on how to lead both yourself and others. A good leader does not only know how to lead others, he also needs to be a good listener who can sit down and listen to the teachings of others. If you only give and give, but never sit down to receive, you will in the end stop working the way you are supposed to. Why not use this conference as a chance to sit down and be filled up with Gods word, worship and with teachings that will help you keep your life going in the right direction!

Michael Buble London 2013

Born on September 9th in 1975 the Italian Canadian singer Michael Buble has turned into a super mega star and is one of the hottest singers in the world at the moment. With his height on 1.77metres girls scream as they see him, and for sure lots of people shouted of joy as the news was released that Michael Buble will do a long serie of concerts in London in 2013. The first of these concerts will be arranged on June 30th and the last concert will be arranged on July 13th.

The concert venue is of course O2 Arena London and every concert is supposed to start at 19.30. Tickets are still available for the different events, so if you want to be there as Michael Buble enters the stage on one of these days, you can simply visit any of the ticket links further down on this page, and you can order the tickets from the site you like the most and with the best prices.

While in London do not forget to check out all the amazing attractions and cool activities of the city!

Michael Buble London 2013

June 30th-July 13th
O2 Arena

Tickets: Seatwave.comViagogo

Michael Buble London 2013
Michael Buble London 2013