Bob Dylan London 2017

Bob Dylan in London 2017

On May 9th in 2017 Bob Dylan will perform in the Wembley Arena in London. Would you like to be there? Tickets for the Bob Dylan concert in London can still be bought!

As Bob Dylan starts his tour in Europe he will visit lots of cities before he comes to London. In the start of April he will travel in Scandinavia, before moving south towards Germany. He will then visit both France (Paris) and the Netherlands, before he travels towards the UK where he will visit Cardiff, Bournemouth, Glasgow and London, before his final concert in Dublin on May 11th.

Would you like to be there at any of these Bob Dylan concerts? You can buy tickets for all the events using the link beneath.

Bob Dylan in London 2017

Bob Dylan concert in London 2017

Wembley Arena
May 7th

Tickets: Viagogo

Do not confuse the Wembley Arena, in which this concert will be arranged, with the Wembley Stadium. The Wembley Arena is a great venue as well, but it is not at all the same as the Wembley Stadium. There will be other great outdoor concerts in London this summer if that is what you long for (read: Adele, U2, Coldplay and Guns N Roses), but if you want to listen to Bob Dylan at his second last concert in Europe in 2017, this will have to do!

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