Justin Bieber London 2017

Justin Bieber concert in London on July 2nd

Justin Bieber concert in London on July 2ndWe have got one crazy summer coming up in London in 2017. With a mixture of Depeche Mode, Adele, Guns N Roses and Justin Bieber coming to town we have a lot to look forward to.

All the artists mentioned above are fantastic artists, but the upcoming Adele concerts might be the most special of them all. After all Adele will only perform in London during her visit to Europe, which makes London the center of the world for a couple of days.

Justin Bieber will perform in more cities in Europe than Adele, but still not at all as many as Guns N Roses and Depeche Mode. And yes, it is easy to combine a trip to London where you go listen to Adele and then listen to Justin Bieber as well. The Adele concerts will be arranged between June 28th and July 2nd and the Justin Bieber concert in London will be arranged on July 2nd in Hyde Park. So, why not listen to Adele on July 1st and then go listen to Justin Bieber in Hyde Park on July 2nd? You can buy tickets for all these events using the link beneath.

The Justin Bieber tour in 2017 is called The Purpose Tour. We do not know if Justin Bieber has actually found his purpose in life, but until then he will for sure keep on singing to make his fans happy. Justin Bieber has been to London before, but maybe he will go undercover and visit the London Dungeon or maybe the London Eye this time? Stay alert as you are out there discovering the attractions in London before and after the concert.

Justin Bieber concert in London 2017

Hyde Park
July 2nd, 15.00

Tickets: Viagogo

You can read more about what’s going on in London, about attractions and activities, local transportation and similar topics here in our London Guide! If you would like to listen to Justin Bieber somewhere else in Europe in 2017 we recommend going to Dublin on June 21st.

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