Are there any Organo Gold coffee bars in London?

I would like to drink tasty and healthy coffee while in London, and I have heard about Organo Gold coffee which has Ganoderma Lucidum infused into its filters and products. Are there any coffee bars in London where I can actually drink this sort of coffee, or is this only for online shopping?

Organo Gold in LondonThank you for asking. We are afraid that this question is a bit outside our field of expertise, so we do not actually know 100% that the answer we are about to give will be correct, but based on our research online it seems as if there are no actual coffee bars in London in which you can buy Organo Gold coffee, that is to sit down and drink a cup of coffee with Lucidum Ganoderma. In the same way it seems to us as if there are no place where you can actually drink the tea either, so the only way is to meet up with a local Organo Gold distributor and then they will probably offer you some. But, no public places seems to have Organo Gold products on the menu.

So, the best way is therefore probably to bring a filter or so with you and put it on a cup of hot water and enjoy it on your own, maybe in your hotel together with the breakfast or so! To get Organo Gold products at the best prices we can warmly recommend the following site which has instructions for how you can buy Organo Gold products at distributor prices, without really investing to much.

We are not sure if this was a good answer, but if you have any further insight or maybe know of a place in London where you can actually drink Organo Gold tea and coffee, then please write a comment, because we would love to know about it and let other readers of this article find out about it!


Taste of London 2015

London TasteThe World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival (according to the crew behind the festivals) returns to Regent’s Park in 2015 as well. The opening day for Taste of London is June 17th and the last day of the festival is June 21st.

At the Taste of London festival you can taste incredible signature dishes from London’s hottest restaurants, see top chefs put their individual twists on summer dishes in live demonstrations, get hands on with interactive masterclasses, indulge in champagne, wine and whiskey tastings and sample unique ingredients and products amongst the producers market. You can also read more about the festival right here. You can also see a video about the festival right here.

Conference on Nutrition and Health in London 2013

Are you interested in nutrition and healthy? A follow up of the Nutrition and Healthy conference in 2012 is up on the schedule in 2013 and this is the place to be for those who want insight on the subject.

The conference is arranged for the 14th time this year and the venue is London Olympia. At the conference the arrangers tell that the best professionals on the topic of health and nutrition will speak, they will be real mythbusters and they will also share insight and let participants test new products coming to the market.

nutrition and health conference in London

During the conference you will get the chance to watch live cooking from people with expertise on the topic of creating healthy food and the conference also deals with how to treat patients and communicate with people suffering from different sicknesses.

The nutrition and health conference will be arranged on November 1st and 2nd in 2013. The official homepage of the festival can be found here. If you can not be there, but rather want to eat healthy in your own home, why not be inspired by recipes and other tips and tricks at RawLife.

Travelers’ favorite restaurants in Europe in 2012

Le GavrocheTripAdvisor has just released their list showing the “Travelers’ favorite restaurants in Europe” for 2012. And guess what? Four restaurants in London can be found on the list. On the top of the list, best of em all you will find the Michelin starred Le Gavroche restaurant. On the seventh place Chez Bruce can be found and on place number 9 and 10 Barafina and La Trompette can be found!

The picture on the right is from the winner, Le Gavroche in London!

You know what this means? It is time to go to London to grab some of the best food you will ever taste in your life!

Read more about restaurants in London in our London Guide, and why not check out some nice musicals while in London?

Pancake Day 2012

Pancake Race LondonPancake Day is an annual event in London and in 2012 you can join in celebrating the day of the pancakes on February 21st. In addition to eating pancakes at several restaurants there are special events taking place on this special day, for example cool pancake races. The most famous pancake race is probably the “Great Spitalfields Pancake Race.” To compete in this race you need to gather four people and bring a pan (pancakes will be provided). The race will be run along Dray Walk at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and all you have to do is toss the pancake a couple of times en route.

There will be prices to be the best team, the team with the best costumes and to the best behaved team.

Pancake Day 2012
February 21st

Great Spitalfields Pancake Race
February 21st, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Joining the race? Address:
The Dray Walk Gallery
91 Brick Lane
Old Truman Brewery
E1 6QL

Some pancake restaurants in London
If you would simply like to eat some good pancakes instead of running with pancakes, you might want to visit one of these pancake restaurants in London instead!

Creme de la Crepe
23 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, SW7 2JB

Dudley’s Pancake House
60 High Street, Town Centre, Barnet, EN5 5SJ

The Pancake Cafe
28 Museum Street, Holborn, WC1A 1LH

The Soho Creperie
63 Dean Street, Soho, W1D 4QG