Conference on Nutrition and Health in London 2013

Are you interested in nutrition and healthy? A follow up of the Nutrition and Healthy conference in 2012 is up on the schedule in 2013 and this is the place to be for those who want insight on the subject.

The conference is arranged for the 14th time this year and the venue is London Olympia. At the conference the arrangers tell that the best professionals on the topic of health and nutrition will speak, they will be real mythbusters and they will also share insight and let participants test new products coming to the market.

nutrition and health conference in London

During the conference you will get the chance to watch live cooking from people with expertise on the topic of creating healthy food and the conference also deals with how to treat patients and communicate with people suffering from different sicknesses.

The nutrition and health conference will be arranged on November 1st and 2nd in 2013. The official homepage of the festival can be found here. If you can not be there, but rather want to eat healthy in your own home, why not be inspired by recipes and other tips and tricks at RawLife.

Nickelback concert in London 2013

I am sure about that those who love good rock music know the famous Canadian band, the Nickelback’s name. This band has written history. They started at Canada in 1995.

The group’s members are Chad Kroeger who sings and guitars, Michael Kroeger, who bass guitars, Ryan Peake, who guitars too and vocals and Daniel Adair who is the drummer after Brandon Kroeger, since 2005. Since this band exists, they released several successful albums. Their last work is the Greatest Hits double album, which includes almost twenty year’s work and released in 2012. The band will start a worldwide concert tour in this autumn, so fans could hear them live. Naturally there are European metropolises on the station list, and what city is more European metropolis, than the capital of Great Britain, London.

The Nickelback’s concert will be at 24 November 2013 at O2 Arena, on the Peninsula Square. The O2 Arena in London is a relatively young institution, it opened in 2007. Its capacity is 20,000 people. Most of the famous artists had concert here, because this is one of the biggest stadiums in London. Of course, besides the concerts, there are sport events here too.

You should not miss the Nickelback’s concert neither at the O2 Arena at 24 November 2013, because it would be an unforgettable experience. Buy your ticket for the concert still today and have fun!

Nickelback concert
November 24th
O2 Arena

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop

Nickelback concert in London 2013