Mariah Carey concert in London

Mariah Carey London

Mariah Carey LondonMaybe all you want for Christmas is Mariah Carey, but it did not seem to succeed in 2015. But, now you can at least enjoy one of her concerts as she will come to London in March 2016. The Mariah Carey concert will be arranged in O2 Arena on March 23rd.

The Mariah Carey concert will start at 20.00. If you want to be there as she enters the stage in the O2 Arena then you can buy tickets for the concert at WorldTicketShop.

During the concert you will probably get to hear a lot of songs from the newest Mariah Carey album which has the title #1 To Infinity. If you do not own this yet you can buy it on .mp3, CD and vinyl from

Enjoy the Mariah Carey concert in London and if you want to know more about the best attractions in town or maybe some of the best restaurants, just look around here in our London Guide.

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