Justin Bieber concerts in London in 2016

Justin Bieber concert

Justin Bieber concerts in LondonJustin Bieber is a big hot shot and even though he sometimes might disappoint his fans like in Norway in the autumn of 2015, he will still do his best to serve his fans and here you can read more about the upcoming Justin Bieber concerts in London in 2016.

Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube and who thought that you could get such a fantastic career just by uploading some videos of yourself singing on YouTube. Well, this was maybe what happens to one in a million, but for that one artist it sure is fantastic.

There will be several Justin Bieber concerts in in London in 2016 and the first concert will be arranged on October 11th in the fantastic O2 Arena. There will also be Justin Bieber concerts on October 12th, on October 14th and on October 15th.

Tickets for the Justin Bieber concerts in London in 2016

If you would like to be there at one or more of the Justin Bieber concerts in London but suffer from the fact that they are all sold out, then you have no reason to feel sad anymore. At WorldTicketShop you can buy tickets for the concert still. They might be a bit more expensive than the original sales price, but since these are second hand they get a bit more expensive, but at least you will get the chance to be there at one of the Justin Bieber concerts in London if you buy them.

If you have some spare time check out the famous attractions in London like the Big Ben when you are there. If you have even more spare time, why not discover the beauties of the city of Zagreb and see Justin Bieber live in Zagreb in November? The tickets for that event is much cheaper than the tickets for the London concerts, so maybe you will even save money doing so?

There will be arranged two more Justin Bieber concerts in London in 2016. The dates for these two extra concerts are November 28th and November 29th. You can buy tickets for those concerts as well on the link above.

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