Guns N’ Roses London 2012

Guns N' Roses London 2012Axl Rose and the rest of the Guns N’ Roses members will come to London in 2012 to make an amazing concert for their fans in London and of course for all people traveling to London especially to listen to their favorite band at this concert. In fact this is not only about one concert, but Guns N’ Roses will perform twice in the O2 Arena in London, so you have double chance to see them.

The concerts will be arranged on May 31st and on June 1st, so pick the date suiting you best. The concerts will start at 19.00. It will be crowded, packed and lots of people, so make sure to buy your ticket in time to make sure that you can be among the lucky people to enjoy the concert!

Guns N’ Roses London 2012
O2 Arena
May 31st – June 1st

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Jay-Z & Kanye West London 2012

Watch the ThroneJay-Z & Kanye West are some of the biggest hits and names within the Reggae and Blues and within the Hip Hop category currently on earth. Last year the teamed up to create the album Watch the Throne, and on this concert you will be able to enjoy the greatest hits from the album. If you are in for a really cool concert, do not miss out on this one!

The venue for this concert in London with Jay-Z and Kanye West is the O2 Arena, and the concert dates are May 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Jay-Z & Kanye West London 2012
O2 Arena
May 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd

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Elvis Costello London 2012

Elvis Costello LondonElvis Costello will on his tour in 2012 visit London and do two concerts in the Royal Albert Hall. The dates for the Elvis Costello concerts are May 23rd and May 24th. If you would like to be there, check out the ticket links further down in our Concert Guide.

Elvis Costello London
May 23rd, 24th
Royal Albert Hall

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FA Cup Final, May 5th

If you would like to be there at the match of the year in England, the FA Cup Final on Wembley Stadium at May 5th, then this is your chance. The two teams are not yet known, but it will for sure be an amazing, exciting and great match… so you better be there. Be there among 90,000 people cheering for their teams, and make your days in London even more greater in that way. Tickets for the FA Cup Final can be bought using the ticket link further down on this page.

FA Cup Final 2012
May 5th, 17.15
Wembley Stadium

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