Muse concert in London 2013

Everybody knows the popular band, the Muse. The group formed in 1994 in England, in the city of Teignmouth, Devon County. The members are: Matthew Bellamy, the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and piano player, Christopher Wolstenholme the (bass and rhythm guitarist, he plays on harmonica and he participates as vocalist too and Dominic Howard the drummer. However they got big influence from another British band, the Radiohead, we can say, the Muse made their own style, and they are very important part of the modern music today.

Their last album released in 2012, this is The 2nd Law, to celebrate this, and they started a giant worldwide concert tour between September 2012 and September 2013. The band started the tour in England last autumn and they walked around Europe, Asia and North-America. But the European fans don’t have to wait another few years for the first tour, because The 2nd Law tour is still in progress, and the Muse will come to Europe again to make giant parties. The second European round’s first stations are naturally the cities in the home country, Great Britain. And what could be more English than the capital, London?

The Muse will shake up their fans and make a huge late spring party in the Emirates Stadium in London at 25 and 26 May 2013. Do not miss this unforgettable experience; buy your ticket still today! Have a great time!

Muse concert London 2013

May 25th and 26th
Emirates Stadium

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Muse London 2013 concert

Lindsey Stirling concert in London 2013

Maybe not everybody heard the name, Lindsey Stirling. Well, here comes the time, because this young lady make miracle with music, what could be great for youngsters and for elder generation too. Do you want to know more about this young talent? Then read the following article!

Lindsey Stirling was born in 1986 in the sunny California, but she grew up in Arizona. She was very young, when her interest started for the music, especially for classic music. She started violin studies from a private teacher when she was five, and she learnt for twelve years. She was sixteen when she joined to a rock band to start the music career, and she wrote solo violin rock songs in this time too. At the 2010 America’s Got Talent she got the title ‘hip-hop violinist’. As most young artists she became popular thanks for the Internet. She started her own YouTube channel in 2007; she shares her songs with her fans here. One of her most popular songs is the Crystallize; it can be heard at the most famous video share homepage.

Lindsey Stirling London concertIf you liked what you read, or you already know Lindsey Stirling’s work and you are curious about her live, here comes the time! Miss Stirling will go to a worldwide concert tour in the summer of 2013 and the first European station is no other, but the capital of England, London.

Lindsey Stirling’s concert will be in Sheperds Bush Green in London, at 28 May 2013. If you have a chance, do not miss it, because it would be a fantastic experience! Have fun!

Lindsey Stirling concert

Sheperds Bush Green
May 28th

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Beyoncé concerts in London

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is a Grammy Award winner American R&B singer, song writer, producer, actress, dancer and model. In 2013 she will return to give concerts in London again! She has sold 11,2 million studio albums and 30,4 million EPs just in the United States. In the whole world this number is 75 million albums and maxi CDs, and her success is just growing.

Her career has started in 1990 as a member of one of the most successful girl group, the Destiny’s Child. This formation broke up in 2003, Beyoncé’s first solo album, the Dangerously in Love was released in this year too. This album includes the famous songs, Crazy in love and Baby Boy. The album got four Grammy Awards in 2004. She won 16 Grammys in her career. The Billboard magazine said, she is the most successful woman of the 2000s. From the data of RIAA databank, she sold the most albums and EPs in America in the 2000s. She has got the most nominations in the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 with Lady Gaga. From the nine nominations she got three awards, she got the “Video of the Year” award after the “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”.

The proof of her success she will give 4 concerts in London, and its mostly sure all of them will full houses. The first of them will be on 29 April 2013, after that the dates are 30 April, 1 May and on 3 May. All concerts will be in the O2 Arena in London. Have fun!

Beyoncé concerts in London

April 29th, April 30th, May 1st, May 3rd
o2 Arena London

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Beyonce concerts in London
There will be 4 Beyonce concerts in London in 2013

Depeche Mode London 2013

The English electronic music band Depeche Mode, formed in 1980, will soon return to the stage and tour the world again. The tour in 2013 will start in Tel Aviv in Israel, and the band will visit large cities around the globe to fill stadiums and arenas with fans. Depeche Mode is said to be the most popular electronic band the world has even known and they are on the list of “50 bands that have changed the world.” Depeche Mode has sold more than 100 million cd’s and singles, so it is an amazing band that will come to London in May 2013 to perform.

The venue for the London concerts with Depeche Mode is O2 Arena (as usual). The concert dates are May 28th and 29th and it will be packed and crowded, so if you want to be there as Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher enters the stage, you better order your tickets as soon as possible. You can buy tickets to this Depeche Mode concert and also all the other Depeche Mode concerts in 2013 using the links further down on this page. If you want to be up to date on the Depeche Mode music, visit to order their latest CD.

The Depeche Mode concerts in London can for sure be listed as some of the top events in London in 2013, so you have something to look forward to already.

When in London, why not pay a visit to London Dungeon and London Eye, just to get to know the city a little better as well. It is an amazing city, and not not forget to mind the gap as you travel with the London Tube!

Depeche Mode London 2013

May 28th and 29th
O2 Arena

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Depeche Mode concert London 2013

Eric Clapton London 2013

Next year in the period between May 17th and May 26th Eric Clapton will come to London to perform in the Royal Albert Hall quite some times. Eric Clapton is known to be one of the best guitar players in the world, and he has is the author of some real classics like Tears in Heaven and many more. If you are a fan of Eric, then this is a great chance to see and hear him live in London in 2013.

Eric Clapton is getting older, and he was in fact born in March 1945, meaning that by the time the Eric Clapton concerts in London will be arranged he will be 68 years old, quite impressive. He has had a long career and has been actively playing and touring since 1962 (he was then 17 years old). Before he comes to London Eric Clapton will also do some concerts in Birmingham and in Manchester, and you can get hold of tickets for both the London and the Birmingham and the Manchester concerts using the links on this page.

Eric Clapton comes from England, and he was born in Ripley, Surrey… maybe you thought he was an American, but he isn’t. So on this short tour he will visit his own, but you are of course invited to come to England and to London to listen and to enjoy his music.

The music of Eric Clapton, like Tears in Heaven, is kind of blues and relaxing, but Eric is also a master of rock, blues rock, blues, psychedelic rock and hard rock, so do not be surprised when the style of the music changes during the concert in London.

You might not know this, but if you lately saw Men in Black III in cinema you could hear some music made by Eric Clapton. His latest studio album was released in 2010, named Clapton, but who knows… maybe a new will be released by the time he comes to London to perform in the Royal Albert Hall.

Eric Clapton 2012

May 17th-May 26th
Royal Albert Hall

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Eric Clapton Concert in London

Do not forget to check out all the interesting attractions and sights in London, and maybe even visit a museum and an interesting exhibition while in London. London has much more to offer than cool concerts, so spend an extra day in the nation when coming for the Eric Clapton concert.