U2 concert in London at July 8th in 2017

U2 concert in London on July 8th

U2 will have about 10 concerts in Europe in 2017. The first concert in Europe during the Joshue Tree tour will be in London on July 8th at the Twickenham Stadium.

You might consider Twickenham Stadium to be a perfect venue for cricket and rugby, but what about concerts? The reality is that Twickenham Stadium is a concert venue that is used seldom for such purposes. But, whenever it is used it means that one can expect at least 80,000 people to come and it will become one fantastic concert event. And yes, that is exactly what we can expect when U2 will come to London to perform on July 8th.

[stextbox id=”alert”]An extra concert with U2 in London at Twickenham Stadium has been announced on July 9th! Enjoy![/stextbox]

This is as we mentioned the first concert in Europe. Their first concert at all during the tour will be in Vancouver on May 12th, and then two months later it is time for Europe to listen to U2 as well. But, you should not expect them to come with new songs and new hits. Instead U2 will go back in time, in fact they will go 30 years back in time. The Joshua Tree tour is not about a guy named Joshua Tree alive now. It is instead the name of their album that was released 30 years ago, and now on this tour they will bring forth all those old songs again and bring them to live again. If you do not have that album and haven’t listened to it yet, then you better hurry up and buy it right away. You can for example order it from the different Amazon stores around the world if that would suit you well. If you live in a European country without an Amazon Store, then you can read more about how to get the products delivered to your home country in this article.

U2 concert in London on July 8th
U2 will come to London in 2017

U2 concert in London on July 8th and July 9th

Twickenham Stadium
July 8th and 9th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

We hope you will have a great time at the U2 concert in London. For more information about other happenings and events in London, more info about the most famous attractions and activities, or maybe about the public transportation, read on in our London Guide.

After the concert in London U2 will first travel to Berlin on July 12th before they will perform in Rome on July 15th.

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