Simply Red London 2015

Simply Red

Simply RedSimply Red will be on a concert tour from this year until next year and the band will also stop in the capital of England in London. In London Simple Red will give two concerts two different nights.

Simply Red is an English soul and pop band which was formed in 1985. During their career the band sold over 50 millions album and they received multiple awards as well. Simply Red will be on a tour with the Big Love Tour 2015 celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band. During the concert tour they will give plenty of concerts all across Europe. They will be on stage in different countries and cities in Europe including Germany where they will be on stage in several different cities, all across in the UK where they will also give lots of concerts, in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Austria and so on. In the capital of England, in London Simply Red will give two concerts.

The first concert will be held on Thursday 17th December in 2015 and the other concert will be on Friday 18th December in 2015. Both of the concerts will take place at The O2 Arena. Tickets for the concerts are already available and can be bought from WorldTicketShop.

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