Get to know the secrets of London on Netflix

London is a very fascinating city, and now you can discover the secrets of London, without actually visiting the city. Get to know more about the secrets of London on Netflix.

It has been made quite a lot of TV programs about London throughout history. Now you can watch some of these interesting programs on Netflix. Now you can stream two brilliant programs on Netflix titled:

  • Secrets of the Tower of London
  • Secrets of Westminster

The Secrets of Tower of London

In the program about the secrets of the Tower of London, you can get to know more about the real history of this terrifying structure in the heart of London. It has been there for years, but few people know much about it. If you decide to stream the program about the Secrets of Westminster on Netflix, you will soon get to know more about the Tower of London, than 99% of all the inhabitants of London. Does it sound interesting to you? Find out more about the different rooms in the building, about the Traitors Gate and all the other attractions and famous locations in the building.

The tower of London on Netflix

The Secrets of Westminster

What is the program about? You might have heard about the Westminster Abbey, and in this program you will not only get to know more about that attraction, but also about both the Parliament and Big Ben which are located next to the Westminster Abbey. Get to know more about popular myths and legends, and find out which ones are based on true stories, and which are made up.

Do you want to discover the Secrets of London on Netflix?

If you want to know more about the secrets of London and watch the two mentioned programs on Netflix, then you can find them both on UK Netflix. You can also find them on US Netflix and on Netflix in Canada. Do you live somewhere else? It is possible to get access to these Netflix regions also in other countries. You can read more about how it is done right here.

Don’t you feel like discovering London on Netflix?

Would you rather discover London in real life? Plan your trip to London now and read more about the public transportation, the airports in London and popular activities and museums here in our London Guide.

Top 10 list – London activities

London EyeAre you wondering what to do while in London? If you trust in the thoughts of others, and would like to go the the places most popular in London, we have a list here presenting some of the most popular activities in London. Quite some of these are museums with millions of visitors every year, and quite a lot of these have free entrance, making it both cheap and interesting.

Top 10 London activities
British Museum – the incredible museum by Tottenham Court Road
National Gallery – fantastic art in the centre of London
London Eye – beautiful view
Madame Tussauds – wax figures
Tower of London – one of Londons most famous buildings
– Museums of Greenwich – for example the Royal Observatory
Victoria and Albert museum – interesting for everyone
Science Museum – where you can try yourself, not only see
– Natural History Museum – see a life-sized Blue Whale
Tate Modern – beautiful art museum

This list is based on the visitor numbers from 2010.