Top 10 list – London activities

London EyeAre you wondering what to do while in London? If you trust in the thoughts of others, and would like to go the the places most popular in London, we have a list here presenting some of the most popular activities in London. Quite some of these are museums with millions of visitors every year, and quite a lot of these have free entrance, making it both cheap and interesting.

Top 10 London activities
British Museum – the incredible museum by Tottenham Court Road
National Gallery – fantastic art in the centre of London
London Eye – beautiful view
Madame Tussauds – wax figures
Tower of London – one of Londons most famous buildings
– Museums of Greenwich – for example the Royal Observatory
Victoria and Albert museum – interesting for everyone
Science Museum – where you can try yourself, not only see
– Natural History Museum – see a life-sized Blue Whale
Tate Modern – beautiful art museum

This list is based on the visitor numbers from 2010.